Global Transcend's solutions solve customers' pain points by:

Optimizing costs (energy, inventory, maintenance & repair)

Minimizing equipment downtime (predicting and managing breakdowns)

Extending asset life

Improving processes and workflows 


Manufacturing is a highly competitive business. Customers and suppliers continuously require visibility, resilience and efficiency from manufacturers, therefore putting pressure on the factories’ margins. Digital transformation plays a critical role in ensuring the continued success of these factories. We provide expertise to modernize and digitize production processes and manufacturing environments through transformative technologies.

These technologies include:

Predictive Maintenance


Natural Language Processing

Digital Workflow Management

Construction and Real Estate

We work with construction companies and contractors to make construction sites safer and more efficient. Technology enhances structural monitoring, workflow management, visual inspection and documentation of processes and protocols. Through our domain experts, we identify key areas of improvement and apply digital solutions to optimize them. With the help of our data scientists, we monitor your projects and provide actionable recommendations to reduce on site errors, risk and cost.

Our solutions are designed to monitor projects and provide actionable recommendations and technologies to enable efficient performance of:

Structural Monitoring 

Geotechnical Testing

Workflow Management

Visual Inspection



Documentation of Processes and Protocols


E-commerce, just-in-time and global supply chains have transformed warehousing and logistics with flow-through growing exponentially over the past 20 years. Warehousing have integrated technologies to manage workflow and supply chain pressures. Today the increase in volume has a direct impact on safety and on ensuring the security of stocks. Technologies to manage the environment and structural health of warehouses are a key differentiator and provide clear competitive advantages to companies and warehouse managers.

These technologies include

Continuous Monitoring Systems 

Rack Structural Integrity for Predictive Failures 


Augmented Reality Solutions

Value Added Distributor

We work with a network of technology distributors that cover Africa, the Middle East, India, Turkey, Russia, and other CIS countries. If you are interested in becoming a distributor of Global Transcend please: