Accelerating tech disruption implies that no one technology is applicable to all situations with the same benefits. This makes it very difficult for manufacturing and construction businesses to adopt the most appropriate new technologies. Through the Global Transcend Methodology, our domain experts identify areas to remedy. With the help of our data scientists, our proprietary AI-powered platforms offer sophisticated decision-making tools to our clients.

01. Domain Experts

Our network of global domain experts specialize in: 

Machine Condition

Food Technology

Measurement &

Structural Health

Lean Manufacturing

Six Sigma

Additive Manufacturing

02. AI Analytical Platforms

Our analytical platforms gather data from across your operation to create order out of a complex environment

In order to optimize the performance of your assets, we analyze the output from sensors and software using Artificial Intelligence algorithms, creating for you a unique decision-making environment with clear actionable recommendations.

03. Data Scientists

Analyzing and understanding data through the use of the most advanced Artificial Intelligence underpins digital transformation success in manufacturing, warehousing and construction. Our experienced subject matter experts use the most advanced technologies in their solutions in order to create the factories of the future:

Real-Time Optimization

Advanced Analytics

Natural Language Interface

Computer Vision

Augmented Reality

3D Factory Twins

Root Cause Analysis

Energy Audit